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Product Detail: MotionArtist

MotionArtist is animation for the next generation. Easy as breathing and more useful than a truckload of apps. Add amazing motion to dull and lifeless comics, and create stunning visuals to share on Facebook, YouTube and the World Wide Web (…heard of it?) Bring your stories and presentations to life, and create an interactive web experience unlike any other. Now you're a MotionArtist, so start acting like one!
Buy Now Retail License to download - $59.99

Massive Workspace: Three different views, and endless panel tools to slice-and-dice your comics.

HTML5 Interactivity: Export your comics directly to the web with HTML5 support!

Motion Assist: Just point, click and drag your object where you want it, when you want it. Go back and adjust your animation on the fly!

Presentation Mode: Easily arrange images or pictures with an automatic camera to instantly create compelling slideshows and presentations.