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Product Detail: Notebook Essentials v5.1

Notebook Essentials v5.1

Notebook Essentials v5.1

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Aquazone: Open Water:

Bring the vastness of the world's seas to your PC! Marvel as gigantic whales, deadly sharks, and graceful manta rays swim majestically past your screen! Have fun scanning the blue depths following pods of dolphins and entire schools of exotic tropical fish! Open Water offers the latest in life-like 3D technology to take you where you've never gone before - below the surface of the deep blue sea! Aquazone brings the beauty of the ocean depths right to your PC's screen. Open Water is so vibrant, so life-like, you will swear the fish are real! If you want brilliant environments and an array of the finest fish found in American lakes, then Aquazone: Open Water is for you.


eMusic’s catalog is as diverse as your tastes. So they make sure the 17+ million tracks reflect that–including new and vintage albums from indie and major labels, spanning a breadth of genres. Expanding your collection should be easy. That's why eMusic price most tracks at just $0.49 each. Everything you download is yours to keep, and every cent of your monthly membership goes towards downloading high-quality MP3s.

Job Finder:

Search Hundreds of Job Sites At Once. Job searching doesn't have to be so complicated or time consuming. JobFinder quickly customizes your search as it scans hundreds of the best employment sites and job boards. What's even more powerful, JobFinder then remembers your search, keeps looking, and alerts you whenever a new job becomes available—so your search is always kept current. Reduce your job search time from days to minutes.

Morpheus Photo Animation Suite:

"Morpheus" lets you create your own Hollywood-style morphs, warps and mixes from digital photos. Create animations by transforming one person into another. Use the warp tool to bend, exaggerate and distort portions of photos. You can also blend faces and mix body parts between 2 photos.

Print Master 2.0:

Print Master 2.0: PrintMaster Express is a full-feature print program jam-packed with everything you need to create stunning greeting cards, banners, scrapbooks and more!

Resume Writer:

Advance your career and never miss another job opportunity! Resume Writer is packed with powerful features to help you write a better resume, land a better job, and earn a higher salary. Whether you're actively searching for a job or just want to get your resume in shape, trust your resume and your career to Resume Writer.

SOS Online Backup:

The SOS Online Backup, is an integrated local and online backup tool that allows users to back up their data to an off-site location. Features include continuous data protection, unlimited versioning, archiving, and integrated local backup.

Syncables Live 360 And Syncables Liveplay with a 1 year subscription:

Easily keep files, media, email, contacts and bookmarks in perfect sync between computers. Turn a computer into a personal cloud server that will stream media libraries, including iTunes playlists, to any desktop, notebook, netbook or tablet with a web browser.

Turbo Project Standard:

Full-featured project control with superior resource management. For anyone who spends time scheduling work, Turbo Project Standard cuts scheduling time in half. Create project calendars in minutes with our project management software, then assign resources and tasks, and check them off as they get completed. Import from Microsoft Project®, Word, Excel and more. Stay organized and track the progress of your projects with this fantastic tool.